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At KiguKawaii, we believe that the best way to learn about a product is genuine experiences and feedback from our very own customers.  That's why we'd like to offer anyone who's willing to share a Youtube video review of their KiguKawaii's shopping experience a FREE onesies coupon redeemable towards any future purchase.  If approved, your video review will be featured on our website, giving you the opportunity to gain a larger fanbase as well.


  • Minimum duration of 1:30
  • You must be wearing products purchased from ( (excludes the free product)
  • Talk about the products, why you like them, give a rating, would you recommend them to others
  • Must have link to the product(s) you are reviewing in the video description.
  • Talk about KiguKawaii, our service, would you buy from us again
  • No slideshows or Powerpoint presentations
  • One gift voucher per customer
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