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KIGURUMI ATTACK IS HERE!  Whatever season it is, kigurumi is always in style! Because of your endless support, Kigu Kawaii and Cosplay Sushi want to give it back by giving away this free kigurumi!★ Mechanics of the contest ★ Want to join in? Here's how!  CONTEST LINK. CLICK HERE! [1] Like Kigu Kawaii ( AND Cosplay Sushi ( on facebook.[2] Leave 1...

  • June 11, 2013
  • Ryan Micaller

Funny Grumpy Cat Kigurumi Costume

Well, for everyone, if you want to dress up as an angsty feline for Halloween this year, now you’re set. But, the Grumpy Cat Kigurumi Costume is meant to be a suit for all seasons – or, I guess, probably just for the cold ones. It’s a full body cat suit, sort of like a Super Mario Bros. 3 reject. ...

  • May 21, 2013
  • Jon Woo

KIGU KAWAII Donates to Red Cross Japan Earthquake

Strong earthquake – Off East Coast Of Honshu, Japan on May 1, 2013 A strong earthquake shook Japan on Saturday near the southwestern city of Kobe, leaving 22 people injured, seven of them seriously – mostly elderly tripping while trying to flee, police said. No one was killed. The magnitude 6.3 quake left some homes with rooftop tiles broken and...

KiguKawaii Donation to Sichuan Earthquake

    KiguKawaii onesie business has been doing well the past years by spreading the word of this amazing trend. While we believe this cute onesies pyjamas brings joy and happiness to friends and family. There are some people less fortunate in this world and we want to give back with a noble goal. We believe there are some less fortunate individuals...

I Want to Sleep in My Neighbor Totoro Cushion Sleeping Bed!!!

  If you're looking for a fun, must-have gift for the anime lover in your life, check out the Totoro sleeping bag and the Rilakkuma sleeping bag, from Kigu Kawaii. These cute giant sleeping beds are double wide, so you've got plenty of room to cuddle up with your favourite anime characters!   Kigu Kawaii's Rilakkuma sleeping bag features a...

Skeleton Character Kigurumi Onesie: It's HALLOWEEN!

 Crank up this Halloween with an extremely scary suit which is none other than the classic SKELETON character kigurumi onesie. Creepy , Scary and Frightening, excellent for your Halloween treats and parties. Jump up and scare everybody with your own SKELETON ANIMAL KIGURUMI ONESIE this Halloween. It'll definitely be hell of a party for everybody.

Meow Meow in Halloween

 Be cunning and sly this coming Halloween. Hop on our Black Cat Animal Kigurumi Onesie. Meow and Rawr all over the Halloween scene. Crawl and scratch your way through the Halloween and definitely impress everyone on the party. It's greatly suitable for your Halloween parties and excellent to cater your cat instincts especially this Halloween season. MEOW MEOW MEOW!

New and Hip Style for Halloween Creeps out there.

 Pimp out on this coming Halloween with your own super creepy but cute Bat Animal Kigurumi Onesie.  Kick up Halloween with confidence and appeal wearing your own set of this awesome kigurumi. Rule the night sky like Dracula and show off your appeal like the Dark Knight.  Go to a Halloween party and amazed everybody with your Super creepy, awesome,...

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