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Mechanics of the contest :

Want to join in? Here's how! 

✔ LIKE Kigu Kawaii ( AND Cosplay Sushi ( on facebook.

✔ Leave 1 comment only (choose WHICH Kigurumi YOU WANT IN THE POSTER). Multiple comments will be moderated.

✔ LIKE & SHARE this photo. You can share as many times as you want! Just make sure your account is public so that we can see.

Additional Points 

Follow Us on the Following Accounts and Repost our Photos 

Who will win? ★
Winners will be drawn randomly from Dec 28-29, 2013.
The contest will run from Dec 13-27 (JPN time).

GO GO GO! (>‿◠)
  • December 24, 2013
  • Mariane Valdez
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